Clinical Trials Accountability to Reduce Tragic Deaths


Clinical Trials Reporting Saves Lives

When clinical trial results are hidden patients die. Research and clinical trials harm the public when nations are not held to standards of accountability in the way participants are treated.  Presently research trials can be completed and then buried if  they are unfavorable to the industry. The industry blocks publishing and they can do this because if the trials are not registered there are no consequences. Open access is important because it is institutions and public money that fund research and then journals sell this information back to knowledge institutions at approximately 30 dollars + per paper. This drives up costs and reduces access especially to those in developing countries and without institutional access. This can be seen here in India  and Africa and South America where trial standards and reporting was not enforced

If people truly knew they would be totally shocked at the suppression and distortion of research findings by sponsors who don’t like the results. We have been campaigning for years to prevent this publication bias and also to reduce the barriers of access to information by ensuring research findings are not hidden behind paywalls. Closed data hurts health care. In fact, after years of campaigning the issue has finally been drawn to the attention of the UK Parliament who are taking it very seriously. To ensure that they continue to do so, Sense about Science, the British Medical Journal and others launched a petition yesterday to request that legislation be considered to ensure all trials are published. You may care to sign this petition, even better, tweet it.

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Dr. Amy Price and Dr. Amanda Burls

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